Alpha Wolfe Makes His Official Raging Stallion Debut, Getting Fucked by Chris Damned

We couldn't wait another day to show you these two hung, tattooed studs making each other cum! Plus: cute cabin alert.


We know this video doesn’t actually come out till June 4—but we can’t wait, not when we just fell in love with Alpha Wolfe in this week’s Gay Goodies interview!

Even better, his Raging Stallion debut includes a rustic cabin, Chris Damned making him coffee (then making him cum), and lots of sweaty man on man bareback action all over that rustic cabin. (Don’t worry—it’s a splinter-free area.)

We’re giving you a day’s warning so you can get your Raging Stallion membership sorted in advance. We don’t want any distractions from when you finally sit down to watch!

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