Another Day, Another DVD Release From Falcon | Naked Sword

Should you be so inclined, you are now able to purchase Making the Grade, starring Falcon exclusives Cole Connor, Tristan Hunter, Cade Maddox, and Beau Butler.

Be honest—do you purchase porn DVDs? Because some studios (cough cough everything at Falcon | Naked Sword) seem to think that we’re all waiting outside Virgin MegaStore with our iPods and our flip phones, ready to add the latest release to our extensive collections.

At least that’s the impression being given, as the studio sends out announcement after announcement about new DVDs. Today’s release is Making the Grade, but earlier this week it was Get a Room Too and the last few weeks have seen Wrapped, Every(Body), Backdoor Bathroom, and Mountain Tops, among others.

Then again, as New Yorkers we’re very used to making do with almost no storage space, so maybe we simply think about consumerism in a different way? But as a former porn critic, I can vouch for the fact that porn DVDs take up a lot of room in a very short period of time—and they’re difficult to dispose of without resorting to trashing them!

In less puzzling news, Making the Grade features Falcon|Naked Sword exclusives Cole Connor, Tristan Hunter, Cade Maddox and Beau Butler, along with Eric Charming, Felix Fox, Max Lorde, Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters, and Shae Reynolds. All the students are hot for teacher… but they flip the power dynamic by taking charge of their authority figures’ asses! (Sound a bit like Twink Top, no?)

Making The Grade is relatable, because we all had at least one hot teacher or coach, who we fantasized about,” Falcon | NakedSword President Tim Valenti said in a statement. “Steve Cruz brings those fantasies to the screen, and this time the students call the shots, delivering a sexy power dynamic and 100 percent satisfying action.”

Those looking for 90 percent satisfaction should turn elsewhere.

We love a fun and flirty press release alerting us to the latest dirty shenanigans—especially those that come from directors Steve Cruz and Tony DiMarco—but this insistence on the DVD component strikes us as strange. But maybe DVDs are still a popular item? So we’re asking, quite genuinely, for you to message us in the comments and tell us if you’re buying DVDs or if you’re streaming all your porn.

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