Another Falcon Exclusive Becomes Newest Fleshjack Boy

6'2" British hunk Josh Moore will graciously allow the public to enjoy his assets starting August 2!

Just months after Cade Maddox’s debut as a Fleshjack boy, the beloved sex toy company has announced its latest dick and hole model: fellow Falcon exclusive Josh Moore!

Moore’s dildo and sleeve will be available for purchase August 2.

The 6’2″ British hunk with a 9″ dick joins a long line of beloved models contributing their assets to a grateful public for consumption. The last year alone has seen the announcement of Moore, Maddox, DeAngelo Jackson, Max Konnor (now another Falcon exclusive), and Joey Mills.

What makes a great Fleshjack boy? “We want them to have a recognizable name, a sizable social media following, and engagement with their fans,” Fleshjack’s Daniel Harvell told us when we spoke to him last spring. “We were doing social media influencing before that was a term. That’s really what catapulted Fleshlight and Fleshjack,  working with all of these stars. We have to have people who are engaged and somewhat smart about the ability to market themselves.”

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