Carnal Media Boys Eli Bennet, Bishop Angus, More, Get Thirsty on Social Media

Carnal Media—where the boys are hot and thirsty. Quench your thirst with this weekly roundup of their hottest social media moments!

We can’t wait to see the final results of this collaboration Eli Bennet just did with photographer Glenn Adams!

And this collaboration from Bishop Angus and two hot bears!

You never know what might be lurking in the pool–but odds are you won’t be lucky enough to have a skinny dipping Max Sargent down there, tickling your balls! Even better if, like the shark in Jaws, he uses his mouth.

And check out Legrand Wolf himself having a kiki with a bunch of hot men in jockstraps talking about… well, us! We’re blushing—down there. And throbbing. And, yeah, definitely starting to leak. You guys!

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