Dallas Preston Makes CockyBoys Debut Having Outdoor Sex With Verbal Dom Angel Rivera

Fearless and fun-loving Dallas Preston makes his CockyBoys debut with super-sexy pansexual Angel Rivera!

After enjoying the pizza party at Camp CockyBoys, and opening up to Jake Jaxson about themselves and what “cocky” means to them, Angel and Dallas frolic in the pool, take a shower together, and relax at a cozy spot outside on a garden love seat. Of course, this being gay porn, “relaxing” means fucking. (Actually IRL too.)

Angel takes a semi-dominant tone with Dallas, who responds by enthusiastically sucking his big cock until Angel starts face-fucking him.

When Angel tells him to ride his cock, Dallas readily agrees that Angel owns his hole. With Angel now in full, verbal power top mode,  he takes Dallas from behind on the sofa.

Angel never lets up fucking—even when he moves in to spit in Dallas’ mouth. They’re in total sync now so when Dallas starts to shoot his load, Angel pulls out at the same time and shoots a high-flying cumshot over Dallas. Angel finishes his orgasm fucking Dallas as he milks his cock dry, then takes him in his arms for big, cum-filled kiss!

What more could you ask for from two hot guys?

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