Grabby Awards Performer of the Year Troye Jacobs Spit-Roasted for Colby/Knox

Troye gets his mouth and hole used well by the married duo, who delight in spraying their loads all over the whimpering bottom.

Troye Jacobs is on his back, slurping on Colby Chambers’ cock.

That’s the promising start to this week’s video, and Colby is pleased with the setup. So is Troye, gagging on meat. Mickey Knox gets on the bed, kissing his man on the head. There’s a crop in his hand and it seems like the viewers of this webcam show have a request. Colby gets on his stomach, showing us his tasty bare bottom.

“Don’t hurt me,” Colby moans as he gets a few love taps. Troye gets a chance for a few whacks. “Don’t get the balls,” Colby asks. “I can recover from anything else!” Troye is gentle at first but Colby keeps asking for more “bite.” Mickey gets the crop again and he doesn’t hold back. “Ow!” Colby shouts. Mickey likes seeing his husband’s ass turn red. Colby’s butt is shaken, kissed, and jiggled.


Colby gets up and the boys lean back on the bed, with Troye in the middle. After asking viewers for some suggestions, Colby decides to rim Troye’s ass. Troye’s cheeks look so delectable in the jockstrap he’s wearing. And he immediately starts moaning in the pillow. Mickey gets a taste too.

“Oh, my God. Yes,” Troye moans. “It feels so good.”

The husbands eat that hole like the good meal it is. Troye flips around, putting Colby’s dick back in his mouth. Mickey keeps rimming the sweet hole. He wants it ready for his tool. After lubing up, Mickey works his way into Troye. After getting used to having his ass stretched, Troye returns to blowing Colby. Both of Troye’s holes are stuffed. Mickey is gentle but Colby gives Troye a command.

“Take his cock,” Colby whispers.

Troye does, whimpering, moaning, and sighing. However, he doesn’t ask Mickey to slow down or pull out. The fucking is too good.

“Like that, please,” Troye sobs as he turns to Mickey for a kiss.

Mickey puts the cute bottom on his side.

“Harder,” Troye commands.

Mickey does what Troye wants and Colby puts his dick back in Troye’s mouth.

“Suck his fucking cock,” Mickey orders.

Mickey isn’t being gentle now. He’s pounding away, going balls deep.

“Quit hogging the Troye,” Colby jokes.

But it’s too late. Mickey is in heaven.

“This fucking ass is perfect,” he tells Colby as he hammers in and out. Colby has waited long enough and he wants a turn. He and Mickey playfully wrestle about who will get more of Troye’s cake.

He’s back on his stomach, but now Colby is saddling up. Mickey controls the camera as his man fucks Troye like there’s no tomorrow. “Oh, my God. Fuck me,” Troye says as he grips the blanket. Colby doesn’t waste an inch of his girth.

“Yeah. Fuck him up his ass,” Mickey demands as he beats his meat.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Please,” Troye sobs.

Colby does until it’s busting time. He pulls out and leaves a load on Troye’s pretty face. Troye wipes the juice off and gets on his back. It’s Mickey’s turn to nut. Once he’s in, Mickey goes for the deep strokes. Troye holds on.

“You fuck me so good,” he whispers. Mickey is drenched in sweat as Troye murmurs encouragement. “Right there,” Troye instructs. Troye gets back on his stomach and Mickey is over him, stroking his hard dick. When Mickey cums, his seed lands on Troye’s back and butt.

“I’ve started shooting a lot more lately,” Mickey jokes. “I think it’s the water.”

The video closes with a close-up of Troye’s freshly fucked hole. Hopefully we see more of it and Mickey keeps drinking the water!

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