Nico Is Blindfolded, Lubed Up, and Ready for Whatever Leo Wants to Do

When you find a piggy bottom this hungry, you use him as much as you want till you both cum.

Nico’s hole is already lubed up and waiting for a stranger to use it when Leo arrives and strips down, cock already hard by the time he enters the darkened room. He slips on a condom, not saying a word, and slaps his cock against Nico’s hole.


Nico pushes back, testing Leo’s cock, and shakes his ass temptingly. Taking the bait, Leo drives his cock to the hilt with no preamble, and starts thrusting powerfully doggy style. Nico begs for more and Leo grabs the bottom’s hips and fucks him more forcefully.

Leo pulls out and spreads Nico’s ass cheeks, spitting on his hole, then thrusts all the way in, pulls out, and repeats. Nico keeps asking for more so Leo plunges his hole at varied depths, keeping his blindfolded bottom boy guessing, before climbing on the bed to jockey Nico’s ass even deeper.

The blindfold comes off and Nico grins at Leo and leans in to make out. Leo spits in Nico’s mouth and the two share a passionate kiss before Nico bends down to throat Leo’s big, uncut cock.

It’s not till the end that Nico lets his own cock out of his jock and the two beat their uncut meat furiously, side by side on their backs. Nico unloads on his stomach, but Leo stands on the bed to shoot his load on Nico’s chest below.

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