Legrand Wolf Fucks Much Younger, Smaller Patient on Exam Table in Doctor’s Office

Dr. Wolf smiled when he saw Tom sitting on his exam table, remembering how he’d last seen him tucked into his bed, freshly fucked. The young man was a delight for the overworked physician, happy to take a breath from the usual sick patients.

It wasn’t Dr. Wolf’s intention to get Tom aroused, but the young man’s cock was firmly standing at attention when it came time for the boy to take off his pants. The older man’s hands continued to explore his flesh, careful to work his loins with finesse. As he finished up the palpations, it was hard to ignore the beads of pre-cum dripping from Tom’s cock. Not only was he aroused, but his body was preparing to cum.

Dr. Wolf was amazed. He hadn’t seen a patient leak just from his exam before. The idea that his touch alone could bring a tiny patient of his to this point stirred arousal in his own loins. He thought he could keep it under wraps and maintain his professionalism, but when Tom laid back on the exam table, the young man’s gaze went immediately to the rise in his pants.

“Can I see it?” Tom asked, timidly begging to be reunited with the doc’s monster cock.

Pulling out his cock, Dr. Wolf watched as the little guy took it in his mouth, feeling the smooth surface of Dr. Wolf’s penis slid past his mouth and past his tongue. It truly seemed to go on without end, filling his mouth with the hard member of the older man.

Dr. Wolf felt his enormous balls begin to tingle with anticipation. Just like Tom’s precum, they, too, were preparing for a burst of cum. Turning Tom around on all fours, he positioned the young man at the perfect height for his shaft.

Picking up intensity, Dr. Wolf knew he was just moments from cumming. He held onto Tom’s hips, holding him in place and thrusting himself deeper and deeper, at times getting all the way down to the base of his shaft. Tom was struggling to take it all, but he wasn’t going to say anything to make it stop.


  1. I am a fan of Tom Bentley and his return to these vids on Carnal pushed me over the edge to reupp on B4sale. Legrand always delivers always appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the next scenes in this series. (if Tom shows up on Gaycest, I might reupp to that one as well)
    not to self, check your budget first…

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