New Falcon|Naked Sword Exclusive Reign Makes His Raging Stallion Debut!

We’ve all been there—just trying to put on oil for our nude sunbathing but unable to get it spread evenly. Lucky for Reign, he has helpful stranger Ian Holms to get his back. (Or maybe it’s lucky for Ian Holms, Reign needs help with his back?)

Regardless, by the time Ian notices Reign’s hard cock, lounging in the sun takes a backseat to fucking in the sun. Focused on dominating his partner’s hole, Reign doesn’t give Ian a break as he slams himself into his ass and spits out some intense dirty talk. Now off the lounge chair and onto the ground, Reign continues bareback fucking the stranger’s hole until Ian’s uncut cock shoots out a thick, white wad of seed and Reign pulls out to cover Ian’s hairy body with his own warm ropes.

And now we know why Reign is the newest Falcon|Naked Sword exclusive! Check out the scene when it drops July 16.


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