Once Agent Robles Sees Austin Young, He Knows He Needs to Bend Over and Get Pounded

The older daddy can't resist Austin's tight young body or thick, leaking dick.

It was arousing to see such a young face present such confidence and intensity! Agent Robles and Austin took off their clothes and caressed each other, feeling one another’s bodies, embracing their differences.

In turn, Austin was won over by the man’s broad, furry chest and developed muscles. And Agent Robles loved how the boy’s lean frame showed off his perfect six pack and heavy cock!

It wasn’t until he got the boy’s meat in his mouth that he understood what the other men had talked about. He wanted to service him and satisfy Austin, sucking on his twink shaft as he leaned back.

Austin took control of their session, bending Roble on all fours and planting his face firmly between the daddy’s hairy ass cheeks. His tongue furiously teased his hole, making Robles moan and melt. He had to be fucked by the energetic, young top, pounded by his bare twink cock!

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