Raging Stallion’s ‘Caulk Job’ Sets a High Standard for Handymen Going Forward

In four scenes featuring everyone from Chris Damned to Jack Andy to Isaac X, director Tony Dimarco has completely upended our expectations of how overalls can look. Is there a Task Rabbit option for that?

Have you been watching the Caulk Job series from Raging Stallion and director Tony Dimarco? I have yet to see anyone using caulk, but I’m sure that moment is coming. But so far, there’s at least been plenty of cock—especially from everyone’s favorite newcomer Chris Damned. Watching him pound Isaac X’s ass after inspecting his work patching holes in the wall… well, there’s subtext there that proves cinema isn’t dead.

Not to mention an earlier encounter with Devin Franco on stilts that is enough to make me run out to the local hardware store for a pair myself. (Oh who am I kidding, I’ll just order them.) The Porta-Potty scene seemed like the most unhygenic way to get off I can imagine (even with Jack Andy and Nate Grimes giving it their all) but the threesome with Marco Napoli, Isaac X, and Chris Damned got my caulk leaking.

And where are these guys on Task Rabbit? This is the kind of detail-oriented work I’m always looking for.

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