Real-Life Couple Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters Share Passionate Fuck in New Falcon Release

College cutie Jake Waters is meeting up with Professor Dillon Diaz for a little extra tutoring, but the horny student would rather make out with his teacher than study.

Dillon worries about losing his job for sleeping with a student, but Jake can be very persuasive (he did debate in high school), and pretty soon they’re both naked and Dillon has his tongue buried in Jake’s hole.

Bent over and taking it up the ass raw, the student becomes the teacher as Jake instructs Dillon to play with his hole. Per Jake’s request, the professor’s cock toys with the student as it switches from slowly going in and out of his ass to being thrust back in. Once on his side with Dillon inside of him, Jake strokes his own long cock and finishes all over himself. The professor laps up some of Jake’s loose spunk before blasting his own ropes of cum onto the stomach and still-hard shaft of his satisfied pupil.


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