Scoutmaster Felix Kamp Welcomes Newbie Jack Andram Into the Elite Scouts Program

Felix takes great delight in teasing this young man with kisses, toys, and tongue until he spews a hot load into the older man's mouth.

Scoutmaster Kamp’s favorite time at the famed scout ranch is the arrival of the new recruits. This is when boys selected to enter The Order of Elite Scouts are experiencing everything for the first time. New scout Jack is no different.

Carefully affixing the Elite Scouting pin to Scout Jack Andram’s shirt, the scoutmaster feels the boy’s heart pounding beneath his big hand. Seeking to reassure the boy, he slides his hand down his body, gently cupping the growing bulge in the boy’s khakis. This is the moment when he sees how adept these new Elite Scouts are at taking orders, and this young scout seems delighted by receiving an older man’s undivided attention.

He’s flattered that a man he looks up to has taken such a thorough interest in him, and he’s eager to make the head scoutmaster happy however he can. This is the duty of a scout, after all: To grow into manhood with the hands-on guidance of more experienced men.

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