Scouts Jack and Austin Flip Fuck One Another Until They Get Caught

What will their scoutmaster say if he sees his two pledges covered in one another's cum?

Alone in their tent, the scouts are eager to explore what they’ve been taught. They hurry to undress, not knowing how long they have before a scoutmaster arrives. Jack tries hard to deepthroat Austin the way he’s seen other guys do, but it’s going to take more practice.


The taste of Austin’s precum gets Jack hard in his briefs, and the moment he sits up to pull them down, his buddy’s mouth is on his cock. Austin gags on the thick meat, trying hard to give as good as he got from Jack, but Austin really wants to get inside Jack’s hole. Austin eats his friend’s virgin pucker and presses his cock slowly inside him.

Instincts take over, and he can’t stop from going deeper and faster, but Jack likes it, telling Austin how good it feels and stroking his own cock. The boys flip positions, and Jack fucks Austin until he sprays his cum all over the sleeping bags. Jack paints Austin’s ass with his own load just before a man’s voice calls out, “Boys? Where are you?”

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