Sexy Tattooed FTM Tommy Tanner Gets Deep Dicked by Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark holds his cock between his thumb and finger, anchoring it by his hand and guiding it inside Tommy Tanner’s pussy. Gabriel curls his toes as he senses the initial penetration, dizzy with delight at what the experienced top has yet to deliver.

Gabriel slides deeper, feeling his shaft disappear from sight and make a new home in Tommy. He clings to the trans man’s thighs, holding his knees up and bracing him for the full force. And with a gentle pull closer, Gabriel began his breeding.

As Gabriel felt himself approaching climax, he gripped tighter onto Tommy’s legs, not wanting him any further from him than need to be. Fixed on a rhythm and a feeling, Gabriel worked like a piston to deliver Tommy the dense load deep from within his loins.

Like a fire hose, Gabriel burst his fluids all over Tommy’s legs, flying aimlessly as he quivered and shook with pleasure. Gabriel wanted the moment to last forever, but just as he felt himself breathlessly finding his strength, he got excited about the idea of going again.

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