The Wolf’s Den: Pornography + Erotica?

Here’s something you might already know: The writing that accompanies the videos and pictures that we post on Carnal Media sites could stand as erotic short stories, separate from the releases.

If you didn’t know that, go check out the writing that accompanies a video on any of our sites.

That impulse to create erotica that accompanies our porn directly stems from what drew me to porn in the first place. Growing up closeted, I consumed porn everywhere I could. I’d buy magazines at dirty bookstores and sequester myself with them, when I wasn’t going online and finding places like and reading erotica there. My opinion of good erotica hasn’t changed since then: If I can read it and get off to it without any additional input, it’s good erotica. Get me hard and get me off, fantastic!

Years later, around 2009, there was a small daddy-son incest print publication. True smut. And it featured illustrations from some of my favorite erotic illustrators and written daddy-son incest stories. The whole thing was incredibly hot. I got every issue, and it really was this powerful erotic experience to have these erotic stories accompany visuals.

That made me think: Wouldn’t it be great if erotic stories accompanied videos?

When I set about creating our first site, I knew I wanted to create a rich story world that puts you into a headspace where you believe this daddy-son, older-younger dynamic could or would happen. And then from a marketing standpoint, this allowed me to provide that content for free and hook users with the idea that, if they liked what they just read, now they can watch it happen! Turns out it was a smart business decision! 

I also love doing these long, detailed stories because it provides the storytelling that’s often too difficult to include in releases. We hire beautiful models to perform for us, but that doesn’t mean they’re actors first. Nor should we expect them to be! This way, we can free them from delivering exposition or dialogue and focus on delivering hot performances and ball-twisting orgasms.

Not only do I personally love erotica, but having these detailed stories allows people to become invested in the site and the stories without subscribing. We’re providing this old-school classic porn experience that a large number of people are hungry for and just can’t get anywhere else. Some of our updates have extensive stories several pages long. And no other studios are do this. As long as what we’re publishing is good, it will always set us apart and make us a go-to for horndogs craving the full spectrum of erotic materials.

And Carnal Plus will continue to be the place people go to get well-written erotica that accompanies the hottest gay porn in the industry. 

Legrand Wolf is the owner and CEO of Carnal Media and publisher of The Gay Goods.

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  1. I sure am interested in Growlboys!
    but the current version of that site is just not it.
    Like I said in another comment that website seems to be defunct: broken sections and no (barely any) updates.
    For as long as it’s defunct and not updating I’ll make due with who feature the hot stories from Growlboys too.

    Definitely looking forward to what Carnal may have in store for us

  2. Totally ON point there Mister Legrand Wolf!

    This publisher you’ve mentioned is still around, just much smaller and digital-only.
    Sadly no longer as huge as they used to be thanks to the overly out of control piracy happening online.
    Some of the most prolific artists featured in there have long retired by now and some may have even passed.
    Reading through the scripts that accompany the scenes it really does feel like a Josman or maybe a Julius.
    Two artists that have created the hottest comic art ever and it’s great to know that you’ve taken inspiration from them. and others.

    Thinking about this now, a website just featuring artwork or maybe a website that does combine story and comics and scenes would be just THE thing to complete the full spectrum for Carnal Media.
    Just saying 🙂

    • Definitely. We will be creating and offering several sites and series along these lines. In the meantime, you should check out Growlboys which combines story, comics and scenes. You get access to with your subscription to

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