Watch Kriss Lope Take Anon Dick Through a Window

Luckily for Kriss (and for us), Hard Master wants a lot more than a glory hole blowjob, and he's soon got Kriss bent over in his jockstrap.

Alone in a dark room, Kriss Lope is in a jockstrap, fingering his hole. That’s when he notices a hard, heavy cock poking through a small window. Approaching the window, Kriss’s reward for his bravery is a face fuck.


Kriss gets on all fours as the cock withdraws, and Master Hard enters the room with his saliva-slicked meat hanging out of his pants. After some aggressive spanking, Master Hard rams Kriss’ hole, causing the bottom’s entire body to rock.

Master Hard coats the bottom’s abs with a big load of cum and leaves. Used and satisfied, Kriss finished himself off with a smile on his face.

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