What Would You Do If You Found Isaac Jones Washing Dishes in a Jockstrap?

Stany Falcone doesn't think twice when he sees that round butt presented to him in the kitchen.

Stany heads downstairs naked with a rock hard erection and finds Isaac Jones doing the dishes in nothing but a jockstrap. The two muscled jocks make out in the kitchen, groping one another’s cocks and asses.


The guys swap blowjobs around the kitchen and Stany rims Isaac’s ass before strapping a thick, leather cockring around his package. Stany bends Isaac over the counter for an aggressive fuck that ends up doggy style on the floor.

Isaac lays back against the cabinets and launches a massive load of cum across his chest and abs. Standing over him, Stany sprays his own load like a sprinkler all over Isaac and the kitchen floor.

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